welcome to main and co

Where family, fashion, and the American dream come together.

At Main & Co Boutique, we are living our dream every day. As small-town business owners, we are committed to bringing fashion to everyone while embodying the spirit of the American dream. Our boutique is not just a store; it's a community where family values and a love for our country are at the heart of everything we do.

Meet Our Family


Meet Lexi, the powerhouse behind Main & Co. A dedicated wife and mama to her beautiful girls, Lexi embodies the spirit of a true bad ass business owner. When she's not busy running the show, you can find her enjoying precious moments with her family at the lake, whipping up the most delicious treats in the kitchen, or soaking up the joys of summer in a small town. Lexi's passion for life and business shines through in everything she does, making Main & Co a place filled with love, creativity, and community spirit.


Danette is the mama who holds our family together, always working behind the scenes to ensure everyone is cared for and loved. As the rock of our family, her support and nurturing spirit create a warm and welcoming home. Danette's shared passion for fashion and decor adds a touch of elegance and style to everything she touches. She truly is the heart and soul of our household, inspiring us all with her grace and strength.


Nikell is the baby of our family, always ready to give us a good laugh with her humor and personality. Known for her love of tattoos and piercings—maybe a few more than most—Nikell embraces her unique style with confidence and flair. Despite her edgy appearance, she is deeply cherished by all of us. As the proud owner of Nikkistixx Piercing Co. Nikell channels her creativity and passion into her business, offering top-notch piercing services with a personal touch. It’s nice to see her show up to work.

We want to personally thank those who serve our Country

We are profoundly grateful to those who serve our nation, whether in the military, armed forces, or as first responders. Your dedication and sacrifice do not go unnoticed, and we extend our deepest gratitude to you. When shopping with us let us know if you’re one of these, we would love to give you our discount or discount code for online!